4 l (Pack of 1)1 l (Pack of 1)1 l (Pack of 2)12 l (Pack of 1)15 l (Pack of 1)25 l (Pack of 1)40 l (Pack of 1)7 l (Pack of 1)1 Litre1.2 kg (Pack of 1)7 Litre
  • Complete staple food for all pond fish
  • allowing fish to feed easily
  • Easy-to-eat formula reduces nutrient loss to the water
  • all essential nutrients and vitamins in an easily digestible format
  • Suitable for all pond fish
Tetra pond sticks 4 Litre, complete food for all pond fish for health, vitality and clear water. Product packaging relaunch is taking place across 2017-2018. Please note packaging may vary from the visual shown.

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