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790 g (Pack of 1)144 g (Pack of 1)144 g (Pack of 9)
  • Pedigree Schmackos are delicious tender strips that are full of meaty flavours, designed to be a healthy and nutritional treat, made for training and rewarding
  • Packed with dog-friendly ingredients and a great taste, Schmackos are a soft and scrumptious treat that your pet will love
  • Each Schmackos chew has less than 30 calories and includes calcium to help keep your canine friend's bones strong
  • Schmackos treats come with no artificial colours or flavours providing your dog with only tasty nutrients, plus vitamins, minerals and Omega 6 to help promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Items delivered: 790 g multipack of Pedigree Schmackos dog treat strips with beef, lamb and poultry, total of 5 packs with 22 pieces each, suitable for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds
Product Description Pedigree Schmackos Pedigree Schmackos are deliciously soft and chewy treats, made for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds. Schmackos are a tasty way to treatyour dog, during training or after good behaviour. Filled with nutrients and vitamins, you don't need to feel guilty about indulging your dog anymore. Schmackos are filled with meaty flavours and scrumptious tastes. Pedigree treats are specifically designed to help support active dogs, without any artificial colours or flavourings. Product description: Nutrient filled for adult dogs Suitable for training or rewarding Low in calories Nicely sized treats for your treat bag For small dogs feed up to 1 treat per day, for medium dogs 2 and large dogs 3Reduce main meal accordingly Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives (40 Percent meat, including 11 Percent poultry, 22 Percent beef and 5 Percent lamb), derivatives of vegetable origin, cereals, minerals, various sugars, oils and fats. Pedigree Everything we do is for the love of dogs. For us, dogs aren't just our job, they're our life. Our philosophy is to provide leading-edge nutri-tion that's affordable for everyone. And with over 80 years of experience making pet food, we're proud of our products. Our dedicationgoes into every product we make, and we work hard to develop ideal quality, nutritious products that'll help keep dogs of all breeds andages happy and healthy. Ingredients Meat and animal derivatives (total 40%, including 11% poultry, 22% beef and 5% lamb), derivatives of vegetable origin, cereals, minerals, various sugars, oils and fats. Directions 0 Box Contains Dog Treat Manufacturer Contact Information Po Box 8778 Melton Mowbray Le13 9Bq

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