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  • Livefoods4u Live Locust Bag of 100 (35-50), Perfect for Reptiles such as Bearded Dragons, and Chameleons
  • Livefoods4u Live Locust Offers and Encourages a Natural Diet, and Behaviours – Live Food Helps with Mental Stimulation, Hunting, and Capturing Food, Keeping your Reptiles Happy and Healthy
  • Livefoods4u Live Locust are a Nutritious Protein Rich Live Food – Helping to Provide a Highly Nutritious Diet for your Pet
  • A Diet Staple for a Wide Variety of Pets - Locust are Low in Fat, and Carbohydrates, and a Good Source of Fibre. The Perfect Choice for Your Pet
  • The Most Popular Livefood Choice in the UK - Easy to Keep, an Attractive Food for Reptiles, and Available in Variety of Pack Sizes
Product description Scientifically known as Schistocerca Gregaria, locust are now one of the most common species of live food in the UK. They are particularly good for large animals (such as bearded dragons) or for arboreal animals (such as chameleons) as they like to climb upwards. More attractive, don’t escape as easily, not very aggressive as many other live foods, and available in a range of sizes they are a great live food option for many different species. Locusts are an excellent source of high-quality protein for reptiles containing essential amino acids. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, particularly B12 and iron. Containing fibre, low in fat and carbohydrates they are a great all-rounder live food. Contains 73.2% moisture, 0.04% fat, 0.04% calcium, 15.9% protein, and 0.19 Ca:P Ratio. Feeding locust to reptiles can help improve their overall health and well-being. Most reptiles are predators by nature, wired to hunt and capture their prey. Live locusts give them an opportunity to engage in natural behaviours, keeping them mentally simulated, and a chance to get regular exercise. Without the chance to engage in these behaviours, reptiles can become bored and lethargic, leading to health issues. Locusts are a great choice of live food for any lizard but many of their benefits make them the perfect choice for reptiles needing a bit more care. Low in fat and carbohydrates, making them perfect for reptiles who are on a controlled diet. The exoskeleton of locusts is relatively thin and easy for reptiles to digest, making it a good food source for reptiles with sensitive digestive systems. This also means it is easier to absorb the nutrients, perfect for reptiles with specific dietary requirements, such as those that need to consume a high calcium diet. Slower moving than some other live food, therefore easier to catch, locusts are a good choice for older or injured reptiles. Always seek advice from your vet. A great live food option that offers many advantages. Being vegetarian they aren't very aggressive, only biting when threatened. This is important as if left with your reptiles for a short period of time they won’t hurt them. They are also an attractive colourful species which can interest and motivate lazier reptiles. Ingredients Locust

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