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  • 🐾360 Degree Self Rotating Smart Ball: This kitten toy very easy to use, press the button and the ball will automatically start a 360 degrees self scroll and light up the red LED light to attract the cat's attention and let the cat chase the ball around indoor to have fun and exercise. The ball automatically changes direction when hitting an obstacle.
  • 🐾Keep Cat Healthy & Stop Cat Obesity:This rolling ball keep your cats interested to chase and exercise, chaser helps the indoor cats and dogs to get more exercise, improve their immunity, reduce obesity. This cat toy ball is a Christmas gift for your cats & dog.
  • 🐾Cat Ball Toys Built-in USB Charging:2022 Newest Version smart interactive cat ball, built-in 250 MAH lithium battery, you can charge the electronic cat toys via the USB interface in the outer casing. 2 hours will be fully charged can give your cat dog 3.5-4 hours fun time. When it charging, the red light twinkling.
  • 🐾A Best Automatic Smart Pets Playmate:The ball will automatically turns off after 45 minutes of rolling, when no one at home, this ball can keep company for your pets and reduce petsoccurrence of depression. It will be a very funny toy for your pets. NOTE: chasing it on hard floor, tile floor and thin carpet but not thick carpet.
  • 🐾Pet Ball Made of Safe Durable Materials:This automatic cat toy ball is made of odorless ABS plastic. The Built in LED red light is very soft and will not harm the eyes of cat. The USB charging port is built into the case to prevent it from getting wet or bitten by the cat. It is sturdy,harmless and odorless.
Do you want to stimulate your kitten's hunting instinct, also do you want to give your friends a big surprise as a gift?

Now, this is a newest version cat toys ball you should try!

This is a cat toy ball with led lights that will automatically change direction when encountering obstacles.

Style: Cat Toy Ball
Shell Material: ABS (safe non-toxic resin)
Color: White with Pink
Charging Method: USB
Lithium Battery Capacity: 250 mAh
Output Voltage: 5 V
Diameter: 2.5 inch
Weight: 40 g

This two-color cat toy ball looks like a wicked ball which looks more attractive and can stimulate the kitten's hunting instinct.
You just press the switch button, the cat toys ball will start to do a 360 degrees self-rotation and attract your pet's attention.
The wicked ball will continuously move around your house while producing a red light simultaneously.
The cat toys ball will automatically turn off after 40 minutes of rolling.
Charging for 1.5 hours, the cat toy ball can provide your kitten with up to 4 hours of entertainment time.

1*Cat Toy Ball
1*Charging Cable
1* Manual

No matter you and your cat not like this cat toy ball, no problem, get your money back! Or get this new cool ball for your cat today, it's also a great gift idea!

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