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  • WHEAT & MAIZE CHICKEN FEED – give your laying hens and poultry a complete, nutritious diet, with Copdock Mill Chicken Food! A complete feed for laying hens (from 3 weeks to point of lay), suitable for all types of poultry, ducks, geese and bantams
  • WITH VERM-X – the ultimate poultry food with the inclusion of Verm-X, a natural, herbal chicken wormer for the control of intestinal hygiene – but don't worry! You can still eat your hen’s eggs whilst feeding Verm-X
  • WHAT IS VERM-X? – Verm-X is a herbal nutritional supplement that is certified for use on all farms, offering an effective solution that is free from artificial chemicals, making for happy hens!
  • PERFECT EVERYDAY FEED – a diet of chicken grit with Verm-X can be fed to the hens every day and will give continuous protection - Copdock Mill Mixed Chicken Corn is also a great duck food!
  • OVER 30 YEARS OF QUALITY POULTRY FEED — Copdock Mill has been helping the UK’s poultry population to thrive all year round for over 30 years with our range of specially formulated poultry foods!

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