10 kg (Pack of 1)2 kg (Pack of 4)
  • 1. SINGLE NUGGET - A variety of high quality ingredients are all combined into a single nugget formula to avoid selective feeding and promote a balanced diet.
  • 2. COMPLEMENTARY - Our complementary rabbit feed is designed to be fed alongside a diet that is up to 85% hay or fresh grass.
  • 3. 19% FIBRE - Wagg Rabbit feed contains high fibre and yeast extract to keep your rabbit’s digestive system healthy
  • 4 TASTY RECIPE - Contains peas and apple pomace to create a nasty nugget for your rabbit.
  • 5. MADE IN UK - Wagg small animal food is proudly made right here in the UK.
Product Description Twitch by Wagg Rabbit food is a Nugget only complementary food for rabbits, Previously called Wagg Bunny Brunch, The Nugget only Formulation help prevent selective feeding. 10kg Bulk Pack. Vat Free Ingredients All-Natural Directions 0 Box Contains 10 kg's of Wagg Twitch Rabbit Food

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