• ECO HEDGEHOG HOUSE - Made from Responsible Sourced FSC Timber designed & made in our workshop in Kent
  • SAFE & SECURE HABITAT - Place this in a sheltered and quiet spot to get these creatures to take up residence in your garden. It's safe for hibernation and breeding as well as from natural predators
  • EASY CLEANING - It's best to clean your hedgehog wooden house before and after hibernation, that is, in April and October. Simply wash out the box with boiling water and leave out to dry
  • CONVENIENT & SPACIOUS - Hedgehogs need space, which is why our hedgehog houses are constructed with a height of 260, width of 400, and a depth of 340. The doorway is about 13cm wide and 13cm high.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION - We want full protection for these cute residents, so this garden house is under a removable roof with secure fixings, a fixed base so it can't be toppled, and a roomy interior.
  • LESS HEALTH RISK - We've ensured that your prickly visitor's garden shelter is truly a safe retreat from daily hazards. It is twin treated with an anti-bacterial water based coating to prevent the spread of disease.
Description Your New Predator-Proof Hedgehog House Is Delivered Fully Assembled, Ready to Use Out of the Box! We'll make it easy for you: this outdoor habitat is a much safer nesting option than the compost heap or log pile you leave outside your home. It has a C24 graded construction timber with durable felt roof, so even if you don't have a resident hedgehog just yet, the chances of you having your first inhabitant are good. Aside from providing shelter, this affordable hedgehog house can also be used as a feeding station. Please note that this item can be used as a house to rest OR as a feeding station, hedgehogs do not like to sleep and eat in the same place.

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