• 【Cat Chaser Pen Material】Made of stainless steel, strong and durable, with a lanyard to prevent falling off. Comfortable hand feel, sliding button design, one-key switch of infrared/lighting mode, no need to hold the button, easy to operate.
  • 【2 in 1 Function】LED lighting + infrared red light two modes, pets can chase the red light, exercise their body, and improve the cat’s agility. LED lighting can be used as a small flashlight, used as emergency lighting, and is also a good lighting tool for walking the dog at night.
  • 【Cat Interactive Toys】The use of LED pointer toys can not only increase the relationship between you and your pet, but also exercise your cat, reduce your cat’s stress and anxiety, make your cat happy, and extend your cat’s lifespan.
  • 【Catnip Pillow】A safe and durable cat chew toy made of comfortable pure cotton, filled with PP cotton and catnip, safe and non-toxic, durable, can help cats clean their teeth and remove tartar when chewing and playing, and improve teeth health.
  • 【After-Sales Service】Our LED pointer required you buy AA battery from the market and Install the battery method is special, we had show in the page, if you still face the problem, please contact us without hesitate, we will provide the solution in 24 hours
Package Includes LED Pointer Pen*1 Catnip Pillow*1 Note: The LED Pointer Pen needs battery power, the package does not include the battery. Material LED Pointer Pen: Stainless Steel Catnip Pillow: Pure Cotton + Catnip Filling Size LED Pointer Pen: 11.6*1.6 cm/4.6*0.6 inch Catnip Pillow: 15 cm/5.9 inch Feature 2 in 1 LED Pointer Pen 1. There are two modes of infrared red dot and LED lighting, sliding button design, one key to switch modes, simple and convenient operation. 2. Infrared red dots can attract cats’ attention, allow cats to play chasing games, exercise their bodies, improve their agility, and reduce cats’ stress and anxiety, so that they will not feel bored. 3. LED lighting can be used as a small flashlight, as an emergency lighting, it is very convenient to take pets out at night. 4. Small size, with lanyard, easy to carry. 5. Stainless steel shell, high strength and light weight. Catnip Pillow 1. Made of pure cotton material, wear-resistant, durable, safe and non-toxic, filled with catnip and PP cotton, can arouse cats’ curiosity. 2. Clean the cat’s teeth and maintain oral health.

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