• 【Cleaning and Exercising Teeth】 This set of dog chew toys helps to clean and exercise your dogs teeth, which can be chewed to remove tartar and reduce the growth of bacteria, thus preventing some dental diseases.
  • 【A Lot of Fun】 The 10 different chew toys greatly satisfy your dogs curiosity and can be played with in any situation, which can bring unlimited fun to your dog and effectively reduce anxiety. This dog chew toys set is very interactive and can enhance the bond between you and your dog very well.
  • 【Natural Cotton Material】This set of chew toys is made of cotton and a small amount of food-grade plastic, no harmful substances, you can play with your dog with confidence, and it is easy to clean, frequent cleaning can prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • 【Dog Training】 This set of dog chew toys is specifically designed for proper chewing by dogs, most dogs tend to develop destructive chewing habits, you can prevent your dog from developing bad chewing habits and wreaking havoc in your home by letting him chew on these toys.
  • 【Strong and Durable】 All these dog toys are made very sturdy, our toys are made with more care, better materials and more professional production process, so this chew toy will be more durable, do not have to worry about it will be easily damaged.
ARE YOU STILL WORRIED? Anxious, Boredom, Destroy, Gum Disease still haunts you and your dog? These rope toys are your best choice! Our durable dog rope toys are the best dog chew toys that will meet all your needs and will help to prevent boredom in your dog. Dogs are the most sociable of animals, so they need interaction with you in order to truly enjoy playtime! These rope toys attract their attention and allow you to interact with them. Some interactive games help you build a better friendship with your dog. Features: Sturdy and Safe Material:100% non-toxic cotton, Survive with Intense Plays. A Lot of Variations and Multiple Uses:Your pet will never get bored. Perfect Choice For Teething Dogs:Cleans the teeth and massages the gums,preventing Super durable: Suitable for tugging, chewing, and shaking, not easy to be broken by dogs. Specifications: Condition : 100% brand new Material: Non-toxic cotton fiber Weight : 0.7kg Package includes : 1* rope frisbee 1* rope ball 1* rope carrot 1*duck toy 1*tug of war rope 1* rope hammer 2* rope with two knots 1*loop rope 1*Rubber ring

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