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  • PRIME PET PAMPERING: Pamper your pet with a grooming glove your fur baby will simply love! At Kennels & Kats, we aim to provide practical, comfortable solutions to grooming. Matting & tangles are easily kept at bay with our pet pampering glove. Grooming helps distribute oils throughout your pet's coat, improving the shine and softness of their coat. Our grooming gloves present a perfect bonding opportunity that will have your little one looking their best!
  • 260 SILICONE TIPS: Our pet grooming gloves possess 260 tips, more than any other on the market! The flexible tips are designed to gently detangle fur & dirt. Our grooming mitt stimulates your pet's skin, improving circulation and distributing natural oils for a gorgeously shiny coat. The soft rubber nubs softly massage your pet for a relaxing spa-like experience.
  • FAREWELL TO LOOSE FUR: Bid farewell to pesky, loose fur covering the house & clothes. Loose fur is easily collected onto the specially designed silicone tips of our grooming glove. You can equally wear the gloves to pick up loose fur & hair on couches, beds, comforters, blankets, clothes & more, making it an excellent all-round product to have - pet grooming & pet hair remover in 1.
  • COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE GLOVES: We have used a breathable mesh and elastic spandex fabric that allow for a good fit on most hand sizes. There is no BPA in our dog/cat grooming glove. Our gloves feature double stitching around the wrist to ensure that they are impossible to rip, making them a long-lasting investment and provides hours of quality time!
  • GREAT GIFT FOR FUR BABIES & PET LOVERS: We have worked hard to ensure that we are the BEST glove set for all on the market, no matter the size or length of hair of your pet. Your experience matters to us and we want you to buy K&K products with confidence.
Are you tired of dodging your grooming duties? It's time to step into a NEW ERA of Grooming Ease with the K&K PetGrooming Glove Set. Kennels & Kats has made the often stressful and tiresome experience of grooming fun for you. The gloves have been created with love & care and can be used wet or dry, allowing you to groom your fur baby anytime, anywhere with minimal effort. TREAT YOURSELF NOW!! Clean air and a house without stray hair on every surface are just one purchase away. A Perfect Gift for Yourself or Pet Lover's you know. This is a well-packaged gift set and the gloves it contains will help reduce shedding, stimulate your pets healthy oils giving them a shiny coat, help keep your house cleaner and keep your friend happy! Product Details -260silicone tips that allow for quick and gentle hair collection -AdjustableWrist Strap -Gloves that fit all hand sizes -BPA free material -Hypo-allogenic material -Machine-washable -Safe for ALL furry pets How to Use? Allow your pet to smell the gloves when you first use them and become used to the feel of the glove on their body. Stroke your pet with the gloves till the glove is full and then simply peel away! BUY NOW FOR A CLEAN HOME AND PET

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