Wet Cat Mixed in Jelly 40x85gHarringtons Grain Free Mixed Poultry in Gravy Wet Cat Food 72x85g, Duck, Chicken, Mixed Poultry & TurkeyHarringtons Grain Free Mixed Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food 72x85g, Beef, Chicken, Salmon & TunaHarringtons Wet Cat Meat Selection in Jelly 6 packs of 12x85gWet Cat Fish in Jelly 12x85g (Pack of 6, 72 Pouches in total)
  • 80 percent freshly prepared meat and fish ingredients in our delicious fillets*
  • 100 percent animal protein to help keep your cat fuller for longer
  • Grain Free, naturally perfect for sensitive tummies
  • Enriched with taurine to help support vision and heart health
  • All naturall ingredients with added vitamins and minerals
Product Description Our family-founded business started in Yorkshire back in 1923. And our mission to make the best, affordable, natural food for all is still going strong today. Each recipe is packed with delicious freshly prepared meat and fish ingredients and nutritious animal protein, to satisfy their taste buds and tummies every time.<\p> Proper meaty fillets made with 80 percent freshly prepared meat and fish ingredients – at Harringtons we believe in Making Mealtimes Meatier. Cooked in a delicious jelly, each recipe contains 100 percent animal protein and is grain free, to keep their taste buds and tummies satisfied. We only use natural ingredients and never add artificial colours or flavours neither, so sleep easy knowing you’ll be taking good care of them with Harringtons. No nonsense, just natural goodness for all.<\p> Directions How much you feed depends on age, breed and level of activity* and you should use your own judgement to determine the correct amount of food needed for your dog. Young and growing dogs require feeding little and often and to appetite. Always make sure tha

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