5 l (Pack of 1)5L Refill
  • Garden Ting's sunflower hearts are packed in a practical 5-litre tub, providing a generous supply of bird food.
  • The reusable tub is made from durable materials, allowing for long-term use and reducing plastic waste.
  • Sunflower hearts are rich in essential nutrients, promoting the health and well-being of garden birds.
  • The 5-litre tub ensures convenient storage and easy access to sunflower hearts whenever needed.
  • Garden Ting's sunflower hearts attract a wide range of bird species, including finches, robins, and blue tits.
  • By choosing the reusable 5-litre tub, you contribute to eco-friendly practices and reduce single-use packaging.
  • The high-quality sunflower hearts are carefully selected and processed to ensure freshness and maximum nutritional value.
Product Description Reusable Tub Sunflower Hearts present a high-energy, high-protein food source which is rich in the essential oils garden birds need to keep their feathers healthy and their beaks sharp. They will attract a variety of birds such as goldfinches and the odd nuthatch too, especially when you mix them up with other tasty treats, such as dried mealworms and fat balls for birds. High Quality Report incorre Ingredients Sunflower Hearts Box Contains 5L Tub Sunflower Hearts

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