• 【ONE-TOUCH CLEANING】- Dog Brush Cat Brush Grooming Comb has an automatic hair removal button.The practical push button makes it easier to clean the fur brush by effort lessly loosening the removed hair from the edge.Just press the cleaning button to remove the bristles and wipe them clean, and our Dog brushes can be cleaned for storage.
  • 【SKIN-FRIENDLY DOG CAT BRUSH】- Dog Brush Cat Brush Grooming Comb has High-quality stainless steel needles, which will not be deformed for a long time; rubber non-slip mats; Ergonomic structure design, combing pet’s hair is more labor-saving,reasonable needle spacing, deep clean each hair by using slicker dog brush.unlike other brushes, our brush heads are not sharp and the tip of the brush head is rounded, so we can protect our hands and animal skin.
  • 【MASSAGE DOG BRUSH CAT BRUSH】- Dog Brush Cat Brush Grooming Comb adopts the 60-degree bending design of the stainless steel needle has a certain degree of flexibility Which provide a gentle massage for your pet which is good for preventing skin disease, furthermore increases their blood circulation and relieves the stress from losing hair of your pets.
  • 【2 IN-1 Cat Brush Dog Brush Grooming KIT】- The cat hair brush perfect for both your long haired or short haired cats/dogs/puppies; The brush teeth of small dog brush for shedding can easily remove the hairs of pets that fall on your sofa or clothes.Suitable for medium and long fur as well as for small, medium and large dogs and cats.
  • 【WORRY-FREE SERVICE 】- Elezenioc Dog Brush Cat Brush Grooming Comb Offer Perfect After-Sales Protection,Please Contact us if you have any questions. No Trouble.

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