100 ml (Pack of 1)250 ml (Pack of 1)
  • 💩QUICKLY STOP YOUR DOG'S DIARRHEA: Bentonite is a clay that attracts & binds toxins and waste to help facilitate removal from the body. Follow with Super Tummy Daily Probiotics for dogs for complete digestive care and firm stools
  • 💩ADDED ELECTROLYTES HELP WITH LOST WATER - Unlike Pro Kolin dogs, the included electrolytes are essential minerals when dogs lose significant water and they fast-become dehydrated and need electrolyte replenishment to allow important bodily processes to occur naturally.
  • 💩NATURALLY DERIVED, USING PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Buddy & Lola is devoted to the health and wellbeing of dogs and believes in providing safe, natural supplements that are blended with advanced nutrients to help your pup live a healthy, active and happy life. It's why we developed this powerhouse liquid supplement that’s expertly designed using a specific balance of pure natural ingredients to help target unhappy tummies.
  • 💩EFFECTIVE AND FAST ACTING: This advanced digestive supplement is veterinarian formulated with ingredients that provide settlers effect. Support proper digestive function that contributes to normal, healthy stools. Finally, no more nasty surprises on the carpet!
  • 💩EASY TO ADMINISTER - SYRINGE INCLUDED: Luckily its high formula solution can be quickly and easily squirted in their mouth or mixed into their normal food - without a fuss! much easier than tablets and other probiotic paste. Your dog will find this tummy-friendly formula easy to digest, and with its super high absorbency, you'll see fast, action with immediate results.
Ingredients Montmorillonite, Activate Attapulgite, Ultrapure Water Directions Can be given to puppies from 6 weeks of age. Give direct with syringe supplied or add to food: Amount Required - Dog Weight Up to 10kg - 5ml, 10kg to 25kg - 10ml, 25kg to 40kg - 15ml, Over 40kg - 20ml

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